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4 Great Ways to Improve Workplace Wellness


Today, more than ever, there is a focus on mental health and workplace wellness as the new in-office norm. This entails how an employee can enjoy a better working environment. 

This article will explain why every company should practice workplace wellness. They will also know what services will boost their employees’ health. And lastly, they will be able to enrich their company’s culture. That includes the benefits of in-office massage therapies as well!  


What Exactly is Workplace Wellness & In-Office Wellness?

According to the Global Wellness Institute, workplace wellness can imply different things. But, in general, it refers to a work environment promoting the health and wellbeing of its employees. This, in turn, promotes a healthy work culture. 

Of course, there’s also the notion that people may establish and cultivate in-office wellness on their own. This can be aided by concentrating on healthier eating choices. Also, it encourages greater mobility throughout the workday. And best of all, building essential wellness habits like mindfulness, yoga, and meditation. 


What is the Importance of Workplace or In-Office Wellness?

A typical employee spends about 40 hours every week at work. Every year that equates to around one-third of one’s waking life. Furthermore, workers eat roughly one-third of their meals at work. 

In other words, for most of us, the office is like a second home. 

Thus, the workplace should be where people may feel at ease, cherished, and nurtured. After all, if work is unpleasant and demanding with no rest, it can lead to significant mental and physical difficulties. 

As a result, the challenges that arise will be detrimental to employees’ productivity. 

An organizational wellness program has changed how these sectors think about their operations. Workspaces are even being constructed to reflect the newfound understanding of in-office wellbeing. 

Offices are brighter and more open. Healthy snacks are available in the break rooms. There are calm areas where you can relax and unwind. The lighting is gentler. These details are critical in fostering an in-office culture prioritizing health and wellbeing.  

workplace wellness programs


In-Office Wellness Services


Mental Health Counseling

The World Health Organization estimates that over 300 million individuals worldwide suffer from depression. Thus, it’s realistic to assume that at least a few employees in any organization suffer from depression. 

Unfortunately, people go untreated for depression due to social stigmas. This is a result of a lack of understanding and treatment options. Depression, among other things, hurts a person’s sense of wellbeing. This affects their involvement with the world, and motivation at work. 

But, if treatment choices were more normalized and accessible, many people in need of help might take the jump. Your organization can help fight depression by providing mental health awareness programs and counseling. 

You can also try advertising the options accessible through your healthcare provider. Even a brief mention of mental health resources in the monthly corporate newsletter could be enough. This encourages someone to seek treatment. 

Workplace Fitness Programs

Employees that are physically and mentally fit will have more energy. They will be less prone to depression. They will be able to work harder and for longer lengths of time due to this. That is why so many businesses are either building exercise centers within their facilities or book sessions with trainers. 

But, persuading employees to exercise on their own is a challenge. The average worker is new to fitness or hasn’t exercised in decades. Getting them back into the habit of working out will need a lot of motivation. 

As a result, providing personal training services at the workplace may be the next best move. Be sure that you pick a skilled personal trainer. You can also make an appointment through trusted wellness companies like Mobile Kneads

Paramedical Services

Many big companies provide paramedical treatments, such as massage therapy. They offer this to their employees while they are at work. Besides, many employers partner with massage therapists. These are usually from corporate wellness companies to make their program management easier. 

Employers who focus on employee wellbeing provide a motivating and productive work environment. Going above and beyond what team members expect from their employer is an excellent strategy to create reciprocity. 

A comfortable and tranquil team member is a joy to have in the workplace, which is most likely why many businesses offer this service.  

Yoga Lessons

Yoga is an excellent method to introduce self-care into the workplace. This has been practiced, so that team members don’t feel guilty about taking time away from work. 

Corporate yoga courses provide the ideal opportunity for your employees to bond, relax, and create a clearer mind. Time spent together in a tranquil, calming setting can help everyone connect. 

Communication will improve, and it will serve as a means for everyone to de-stress. Everyone should feel refreshed and ready to face the day after a corporate yoga class – re-energized and ready to go! 

How Mobile Kneads Can Help Your Company’s In-Office Wellness

As more businesses invest in wellness initiatives, proof of their benefits grows. For example, corporate fitness programs, massage treatments, and even health coaching can improve your workplace. Wellness in the workplace is indeed an integral part. 

The level of employee participation determines the effectiveness of such workplace wellness programs. Therefore, every manager should be aware of the indicators of employee burnout and assess the skill of the service providers they hire. 

Your organization may create an environment that produces a happier and healthier workforce and a better ROI by offering comprehensive wellness programs that include physical and emotional aspects. 

Our health professionals at Mobile Kneads undergo a thorough screening process to ensure that they deliver nothing but the best wellness solutions. We can share wellness tips for the workplace, hoping that many will benefit from it. 

What are you waiting for? Book an appointment, treat your employees with a well-deserved massage, and re-energize their in-office experience! 

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