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Revealed: 5 Amazing Full-Body Massage Benefits!


Massage therapy is an excellent way to focus on your emotional and physical well-being. However, deciding what type of massage to get might be difficult, especially if you are new to the full body massage experience

To help you navigate your options, there are a few essential things to expect from a full-body massage. The most common question we get other than “What is a full body massage?”, The outfit!

It’s best to wear comfortable, loose-fitted clothes to easily allow skin access to the parts you want to get massaged. You can opt to keep your pants on or go completely naked. Most massage therapists are experienced at respecting your modesty and making you feel at ease; you’ll never be forced to reveal anything you don’t want to.

Your therapist will explain how to position yourself on the massage table. Rest assured, you will be properly draped.

There is more to expect from the massage routine. But don’t worry! You will be informed and leave the massage table with a more relaxed and healthier mind and body. 

Keep reading to learn more about full body massage to be utterly confident before your session.

Most Common Questions About Full-Body Massage

It’s normal to feel awkward during a full body massage, especially if you don’t regularly have it. Most professional massage therapists are well aware that this type of therapy is unfamiliar to most people. Therefore, they will gently guide you to ensure that you feel at ease.

Some massage therapists would suggest that you be hydrated before your massage to eliminate toxins released into the body’s circulation during therapy. It is important to stay hydrated which can be as simple as drinking water or herbal teas. 

During your massage, you will go through the following stages.



In most cases, a professional massage therapist will have their therapy toolset. However, if you do it at home, your toolset could contain towels, music, massage oils, or even a massage table.

If you requested an aromatherapy massage, they would bring an essential oil for the service.

Before disrobing, a skilled massage therapist will explain their method and ensure you are comfortable with everything.

When the both of you are ready, the massage therapist will leave the room and instruct you to undress and lie down on the table or massage chair. 

The Massage Starts

Full-body massages often begin with lying face down on the table while the massage therapist works on your neck and back. In most cases, the massage therapist will ask you for the level of pressure that you prefer. They will demonstrate different pressure levels for you to choose from. Find your comfort level.

The massage therapist will use massage oil to warm up your skin and begin to relax your muscles. They will also direct your breathing and stretch your muscles to get them working. 

Don’t overthink it if you find yourself resisting and struggling to relax. These sensations arise due to your muscles being worked from above while the table supports you from below. The important thing is for you to relax totally.

Remember, this treatment is meant to help, not to harm. If you experience pain, itchiness, or discomfort, tell your massage therapist, and they will change their routine.

The massage therapist will ask you to turn over onto your back halfway through the complete body massage. Once you’ve settled in, the emphasis will shift to the arms, thighs, shoulders, and the muscles on the front side of your body that carry stress.

This massage therapy will stretch and massage your tense muscles until all muscular tension is relieved.

The Final Stage

Whether it is a remedial therapeutic massage or a relaxing massage, the massage therapist will take the time to balance out the overall experience.

In general, the massage therapist will apply light pressure to your body to help you feel balanced and grounded.

Some massage therapists like to end the session with a face or scalp massage and a massage technique that gently presses the temples.

When your full body massage is over, your therapist will inform you. Your massage therapist will not simply leave the room with your leg half-stretched in mid-air!

Each massage therapist has a distinct style. However, the procedures outlined above are often what you’ll feel during a full-body massage with a professional provider.

How Will You Feel Afterward?

After a complete massage, you should feel utterly relaxed and refreshed, almost ready to roll into bed and nap. Finally, all of the stress and anxiety you were carrying in your body will be released.

If you had a deep tissue massage, you might feel a little achy or stiff. But don’t worry, your muscles have just undergone a considerable workout. And, as with any other type of exercise, flexibility and mobility will return in 24-48 hours.

Are you ready to learn about the additional benefits of a full-body massage?

Benefits of a Full Body Massage


Relaxed Nervous System

During a massage, your body enters a “rest and digest state.” This phase relaxes the entire body and initiates the release of “feel good” hormones.

These hormones aid in regulating sleep, enhancing immune cells, and regulating blood sugar.

Deep tissue therapy can help reduce pain caused by a nerve under pressure from a tight muscle in a specific region.

Enhanced Digestive System

Did you realize that stress influences how you digest food?

A full-body massage relieves tension, and so it positively impacts how your body absorbs food and nutrients.

An abdominal massage is an option in a traditional Swedish massage. This massage concentrates on the large intestines, where the final digestion stages occur.

Musculoskeletal Benefits

During a massage, your muscles act like sponges. When they relax, they release blood and lymph, taking in the fresh oxygen, nutrients, and immune cells.

Stretching, kneading, and motion movements will be used during the massage to mobilize your joints and apply beneficial stress to your ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Lymphatic System Detox

The lymphatic system is far more significant than you may realize. It maintains the fluidity and function of your immune system, keeping you healthy and happy.

The stretching, rubbing motions, and relaxation during a massage help clean up the lymph nodes and enhance your immune system.

Water retention is also caused by a slow lymphatic system, which is less when the system is drained during a massage.

This is the main reason mommies-to-be arrange a prenatal massage.

Increased Blood Supply to the Bones

A complete body massage works your muscles, neurological system, and lymph nodes and benefits your bones.

Healthy blood flow to your bones improves the number of nutrients and calcium in your body, strengthening your skeletal system.

You can also request that your massage therapist rub the intercostal muscles (the muscles between the ribs) to promote natural and effortless breathing.

Have A Happy Mind And Body With Mobile Kneads

Massage therapy is more than just its physical benefits. Massage can also improve our mental health and wellness. It is critical to schedule time to take care of your health, particularly if your life is hectic and stressful. Thus, taking some time to relax and refresh can make your days happier in the long term.

Mobile Kneads offers wellness services to aid and make the most out of your self-care efforts. Our professional massage therapists do more for you by traveling to your preferred location to bring personalized healing solutions to your needs. 

So the next time you search for an answer as to the question “Where can I find full body massage places near me?” you might as well try Mobile Kneads. Their professional massage therapists will assist you in managing stress and achieving a better emotional balance, both of which have tangible benefits.

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