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Trust and Safety

Our first priority at Mobile Kneads is to keep our entire community safe. We are doing everything we can to make health and wellness services accessible and up to the mark. This goal will soon be apparent as we launch Mobile Kneads in the near future.

As the economy reopens and claw its way out of the pandemic, Mobile Kneads is revisiting and updating our safety procedures with strong, clear, and enforceable workplace health and safety standards.

Every Mobile Kneads Provider is educated in the best spa and hospitality protocols. We follow industry-specific guidelines, as well as federal, state, and local guidelines concerning wellness services.


  1. Will keep the community secure at all times. Only Providers who are asymptomatic and have not travelled internationally within the past 30 days will serve you.
  2. Will wear personal protective equipment such as face masks during the treatment.
  3. Will sanitize all equipment to be used before each session.
  4. Will use freshly laundered beddings. Clients can use their own linens if they prefer.
  5. Will observe safety and hygiene protocols
  6. Will follow contact tracing measures in the event of an exposure.


  1. Cannot book a session if they are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, have travelled internationally within the last 30 days, or have a household member that has been exposed.
  2. Will be asked to shower before the session.
  3. Should provide a sink or bathroom where the therapist can wash his/her hands.
  4. Should keep pets and children away from the provider’s equipment.

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