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Wedding Skin Care 101: Pre-Wedding Skin Rejuvenation Session

pre wedding skin care at home

Your big day is coming up. Thus, you want to look your best. So, you decide to get a skin rejuvenation session. 

But wait!

Why should you stop there? Shouldn’t your groom get some skin treatment too? After all, it is his big day as well. You will look good, but it’s also good for your health and wellness.

Here is a complete guide for your wedding skin care.

When to Get a Facial?

There are pre wedding skin care at home that most people do to lessen the anxiety and stress brought out by wedding preparations. But if you have the means, you might as well try a wedding skin care from the best spas near you.

The wisest thing to do for a would-be bride or groom is to get several facials starting months before the wedding. This thing applies to both the bride and the groom. But the final session should be done a day or two before the event. You are not supposed to use makeup for 24 to 48 hours after you get the treatment.

How to Determine the Right Facial?


wedding skin care

As expected, every bride and groom need to look good on their wedding day. One thing they can do is to go for a skin rejuvenation session.

Different types of facials are available, and more are being created. However, like with other things where so many choices are available, it can be overwhelming to pick one.

Before you pick the kind of facial you want to get, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • You need to know your skin type.
  • List down all the areas of your face where there are issues, like small scars or spots prone to pimples.
  • It’s essential to be sure about the actual goal you have in mind. Do you want to appear to have flawless skin, or would you like to glow? 

You need to know these things because these will determine the type of facial you will be getting.

Types of Skin Rejuvenation Session You Can Try

Here are some wedding skin care that can be applied to both the bride and the groom.


This is the most basic type of skincare session that you can use. Cleanup is ideal if you have great skin or regularly get facials before. It has been referred to as the mildest type of facial. So it is also suitable for those with susceptible skin.

Acne Reduction

For the brides and grooms who still have problems with acne, this is the treatment to go for. This particular treatment involves the use of steam and then exfoliation. It is used to target areas with acne breakouts.

Gold Facial

If you want something fancier for your wedding, a gold facial might be in order. It helps to remove toxins and unwanted stuff on your skin, and it can give you a mild golden glow.


The bride and the groom can be so busy during the days. It could lead up to the wedding, and they might get exposed to the sun a lot. Getting an anti-tan facial treatment can help keep your skin looking perfect on the most memorable day of your life.

How to Choose The Best Spa Center Before Your Wedding?

All spas should have a relaxed and positive atmosphere to provide the best aesthetic skin care and other services. It has to be pleasing to the senses. Thus, the spa should look good, smell good, be peaceful and comfortable. 

In today’s spa industry, the emphasis is on health and wellness. The pandemic alone has given us so much stress and anxiety that with a mobile massage and spa like Mobile Kneads, everyone will be able to relax their body and mind.

So, when deciding on the best spa for you on your wedding day, you should take the following steps into account:

  • Don’t choose a spa solely on price. Look for those who will provide you with the high-quality service you deserve. These will usually cost a lot of money, but the service will be excellent. Many people are misinformed about spa prices. As a result, Mobile Kneads offers the standard price with the best service fit for a king or queen.
  • Don’t just sit there and take it all in. Look for a business that offers excellent customer service. Inquire about their wedding packages. This type of package is usually available at spas.
  • Remember to check to see if these spas and massage parlors offer the services you require. These health and wellness centers provide a variety of services. Keep an eye out for potential blunders.
  • Finally, look to see if it’s clean, both physically and in terms of the services or amenities offered to customers.


The Verdict

Dead skin cells clog pores the most. So, skincare professionals recommend that a person should get a facial treatment. This is usually done every 30 days in the months leading up to your wedding. Thus, Mobile Kneads, among other things, provides you with the best services. Every bride or groom deserves to be treated like a queen or king.

 Now that you’ve armed yourself with the best information, you should also get a full-body massage and a facial. With Mobile Kneads, you can kiss away the stress and anxiety visible on your face and body on your wedding day!

 Mobile Kneads is a great way to get a qualified therapist for your wedding day needs. They also offer cosmetic services, which could benefit your wedding preparations. 

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