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Post Massage Tips: 7 Ways to Make the Feeling Last

Getting a massage is only the start. You can extend the effects of your massage by following these post-massage tips.
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Massages are fun to have. It is one of the most relaxing “me-times”  that one can enjoy being free from the stress of everyday life. However, receiving your dream massage is just the start. To thoroughly enjoy the bliss that loosening up those tight muscles brings to your body, soul, and mind, post-massage care is essential. 

A skilled massage therapist will give you massage tips that will help you care for yourself after enjoying a relaxing and much-deserved massage. Aftercare is essential to appreciate the overall experience fully. It makes the refreshing feeling last longer. 

If you happen to miss a massage therapist post-massage tips, here is a quick recap to get you started:

7 Helpful Massage Post Care Tips 

Here are seven useful massage tips that you might want to try if you want to relax after an immensely busy day.

Get Hydrated

A must post-massage tip to follow is to always rehydrate after receiving a good and relaxing massage. As blood circulation increases, areas in your muscles that have been nutrient-deprived for quite some time, also known as stress points, will require water to flush out potent toxins outside the body.  

Water helps flush lactic acid and other metabolic wastes that cause pains and knots. When a muscle becomes dehydrated, it will cling to other muscles creating a feeling of stiffness after a massage. You can avoid this by getting enough water right after your massage.

Do Your Stretching

A massage breaks up the adhesions that are building up on your muscles. Stretching allows you to realign your muscle fibers, promoting muscle recovery in the process. Stretching is also very beneficial in training the nervous system to improve flexibility, surpassing the limitations that your muscles can help. Make stretching a must after every massage session.


People that have experienced intense massages, mainly for repair, as well as for recreation, should try and experience the benefits of hydrotherapy as a post-massage care practice. Hydrotherapy offers a healing experience for strained muscles. 

The hot and cold stimuli in water help the nerves carry sensations deeper into the body that helps engage the immune system. The process generally improves blood flow, circulation, and digestion. Hydrotherapy after a massage session can prolong the feeling of relaxation, aiding in better sleep and helps the muscles recover faster.

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Massages stimulate digestion, thus creating a lightheaded experience post-massage. Thus, it is important to eat before or after a massage to refuel the body with energy. This energy is consumed by the muscles to help them recover faster. However, keep your meals light. You might want to consider bringing a banana or some raw almonds to your next massage appointment.


As much as possible, schedule your messages on your free day. Although massages are as relaxing as it is, resting after is also a post-massage care practice. Schedule your massages during your day-offs to be able to prolong the deep relaxation experience. This is the reason why some spas allow their clients to sleep after a massage. 

Sleep or curl under a blanket after a massage. Stretching out is also necessary but ensure that you rest afterward to allow your muscles to recover and your well-being to re-tune and recuperate.

Enjoy a Relaxing Bath

What comes second best to a good massage? A warm and relaxing bath. Add Epsom salts to your warm bath to help relieve your muscles with any aches and pain while improving your blood circulation and opening up your blood vessels. 

However, keep in mind to rehydrate. Your body releases toxins; thus, you need to replenish that liquid you free during the process. Go for a warm bath. Super hot baths can cause inflammation which is never ideal after a massage.

Observe Your Body’s Reaction

Did you feel sore after the massage? Dizzy? It is normal to feel and experience different things after a massage, even the bad ones. Unfortunately, pain is also one of the most common experiences after a massage that can typically last for days. 

Intense and long-lasting pain may be a sign that your therapist might have gone too hard on you. Take note of these experiences so you can adjust accordingly for your next massage session.


Post-care after massages is essential. It does not only prolong the relaxing experience that you enjoy during the massage. In addition, following the post-massage tips can improve blood circulation, digestion, repair of the muscles, and many other areas that may affect your overall well-being. 

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