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Pertinent Massage Details in 2022: What do Massage Therapist do?

what do massage therapist do

If you’re into massages and spas, perhaps you are asking what do massage therapist do and their skills that qualify as your therapist.

Massage therapists play a crucial role in patients’ wellness care, whether they need a relaxing treatment or assistance recovering from an accident. 

They are able to employ concentrated, hands-on techniques (muscles, tendons, connective tissue, etc.) to encourage relaxation and boost circulation in the body’s soft tissues. 

Direct work on the skeleton is outside the scope of competence for massage therapists, even though massage’s warming and stimulating effects have a good impact on joint mobility and range of motion.

Although the natural health movement focuss on prevention has increased the popularity of massage, massage therapy originates in traditional medical procedures. But what does a massage therapist do?


What is massage therapy?


A professional massage therapist uses a variety of pressures, movements, and methods during massage treatment to control the muscles and other soft tissues in the body. 

Massage treatment can relieve stress and tension, treat symptoms, mend injuries, and enhance wellness by slowing down your nervous system.


Different kinds of massage


There are several types and sizes of massages. The following services could be available on a massage therapy menu. Your assigned massage therapist will inform you of what is suitable for you. After all, this is just one of the many things on what do massage therapist do for you.


Swedish Massage


Swedish massage is a quite a gentle full-body massage that is great for people who are new to massage, want to release tension, and desire soft touch.

This type of massage can help release muscle knots, and it’s also a good choice for when you want to relax fully during a massage.

You’ll remove your clothes for this massage, though you may choose to keep your underwear on. You’ll be covered with a sheet while lying on the massage table. What do massage therapist do at times is to move the sheet to uncover areas they are actively working on.


Hot stone massage


The best candidates for a hot stone massage are those who really want to unwind or have tense or painful muscles.

The only difference between this therapeutic and Swedish massage is that heated stones are used instead of or in addition to the hands by the massage therapist.

Heated stones are applied to various body parts during a hot stone massage. While using mild pressure and Swedish massage techniques in different places of your body, your therapist might hold a stone. Cold stones are also employed occasionally as this is what is expected of what do massage therapist do on a mundane basis.


Prenatal Massage


Prenatal massages are excellent for relaxing expectant mothers and can assist with the aches and pains associated with growing a baby. What does a massage therapist do during massage pregnancy is perfect for relieving hip discomfort and reducing swelling in the feet and legs.


Aromatherapy massage


People who appreciate the scent and want their massage to include a component for emotional healing might opt for aromatherapy massages.

Massages using essential oils and mild, gentle pressure are known as aromatherapy massages. Ask what do massage therapist make and do to have a preference, even though they will often choose which essential oils to use. Before applying essential oils to the skin, a dilution step is required.

You’ll receive a full-body massage while breathing in essential oils through a diffuser and absorbing them through your skin during the procedure.


Deep tissue massage


Your massage therapist will utilize gentle strokes and intense finger pressure to release tension from the deepest layers of the muscles and tissues. While receiving this massage, you are welcome to remain undressed. 

What does a massage therapist do at first during this process? Well, they will be asking you how much pressure is to be used during the massage for your comfort and relaxation.


What does a massage therapist do?


Massaging and manipulating the soft muscular tissues in the body, is just one of the many tasks expected of them. A massage therapist assists a person in reducing stress, promoting relaxation, improving circulation, and finding relief from pain.  

They contribute to a patient’s overall wellness and assist in the touch-based rehabilitation of ailments. Through therapeutic massage of the body’s joints and soft tissue muscles, a massage therapist helps a client achieve overall wellness. 

As a client, what do you tip a massage therapist about your preferences that can help them with your treatment plan? They aid in the treatment of pain, the rehabilitation of injuries, the improvement of poor circulation, the teaching of relaxation techniques, and the reduction of stress. 

By learning about a client’s medical history and any pain or stress issues, they can decide how to treat them. 

Based on the information gathered, they create a plan of action to help with the injury or problem area’s healing, and they maintain track of all progress or changes to the massage therapy treatment.

To help a patient receive successful therapy, a massage therapist may contact medical specialists such as chiropractors, doctors, psychiatrists, or physiotherapists. If things happen like this, what do massage therapist make is refer the clients to specialists. 

They employ equipment for hydrotherapy, such as bathtubs or tanks, balance beams or boards, rockers, and bolsters, to help with rehabilitation. They use mats, heat lamps, massage stone sets, cold and hot packs, and stationary and portable treatment tables.


What Happens During A Massage?


Is it your first time undergoing a massage? Do you often ask yourself the question of what do massage therapist do? Well, you do not have to worry about this. Relax and enjoy your first massage experience.

But if you are curious about what happens during a massage, here’s a little bit on the workaround of the therapist as they massage you.


Before the therapy


When you first arrive at a spa, you may need to answer some information sheets. Oftentimes, what do massage therapist do is hand you an information sheet that will help your therapist identify the history and possible treatment they can offer for your case. 

Sometimes they would need to identify if you are allergic to something. So, you must answer the form honestly for your safety.

Your therapist will lead you to the therapy room, where they will ask you to undress and change into a cozy robe. After you switched to a robe, they would ask you to relax.


During the therapy


Once you are now relaxed and your therapist is ready for you then the next step is about to be taken. What do massage therapist make is ask you to lie down on the massage table.

The massage therapist will start at the head and the scalp to help you relax your body. They are most likely to ask if the pressure is fine with you. 

If the client is accustomed to the pressure already, the massage therapist will go down the neck and the shoulders. Then move on with each arm and work their way towards each foot.

Next, they would ask you to flip around the massage table and work with your glute. Your therapist will finish with a nice back massage.

Lastly, your therapist will ask you to flip again to work with your scalp and clear your sinuses.


After the therapy


You just had a massage with full motion, what do you tip a massage therapist about your body after the massage will make a huge difference in preparing for your next session? There are tons of reasons why. Remember as well that due to the duration that your muscles worked, you can feel a little lightheaded.

While your body is still processing the pressures, this is very normal. So, take it easy, relax, and sit back. Try to rest on your bed or couch at home. Get plenty of water. Permit yourself to connect your thoughts and body. This is what massage therapists would want you to do to enjoy relaxation to the fullest. 




Different massages would relax your body; some can bring therapeutic benefits, and some will make your muscles conditioned.

What do massage therapist do to bring all these and suggest your body’s massage needs?

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