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How to Prepare for a Massage: The Do’s and Don’ts

To get the most out of your massage session, you have to prepare for it. Experts recommend a proper way on how to prepare for a massage.

Pampering massages offer a lot of benefits. It can relieve muscle tension, improve blood circulation, enhance skin tone, and may help improve the recovery of soft tissue injuries. A massage is a therapeutic experience that takes emotional stress and physical tools away. 

However, before heading to a massage, you need to prepare your body to fully enjoy the benefits of a truly refreshing and relaxing massage. There are many ways how to prepare for a massage, and this article will help serve as a guide for you. 

5 Helpful Tips to Prepare for a Massage

The pre-massage area is vital to get the best possible experience a therapeutic massage can offer. Here are some helpful ways how to prepare for a massage before your subsequent sessions.

Undressing Is Normal But Not a Must

For some, especially those just about starting to enjoy the benefits, undressing during a massage can be scary. Interestingly, removing your clothes is unnecessary but is also considered normal when getting a massage.

If you are not comfortable with showing more skin than usual to a massage therapist, you can opt to wear underwear and undershirts during your massage sessions. However, your therapist can do a more thorough job if you do not have thick layers of clothing in the way.

This is one of the many things massage therapists can showcase their professionalism on how to prepare for a massage to their clients.

Hydration Improves the Experience

Massage stimulates circulation and the removal of toxins and wastes in the muscles. However, as these toxins are flushed outside the body, water is flushed too. 

Therefore, your muscles are likely to become dehydrated, especially if you do not drink water beforehand. Always hydrate before and after the massage to avoid the residual soreness resulting from dehydration.

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Communicate Your Needs

Before showing up to your session, you should discuss your needs and expectations with your massage therapist. Some therapists require time to review your health questionnaire and ask related questions. 


Tell your therapist if you want them to pay special attention to a specific part of your body or avoid a particular area. Telling them ahead makes your experience more enjoyable. Do not hesitate to communicate your needs during the massage to make the most out of the experience.


Shower Beforehand

Showering before any massage session is ideal for a significant number of reasons. Coming in clean adds an extra layer of confidence, especially if you are not used to being in a confined space, naked with a massage therapist. A long hot shower also conditions your body to jumpstart with the relaxation process.


Some massage salons offer free use of their baths and showers before your massage sessions. It is one of the best ways how to prepare for a massage. It relaxes your muscles in the process, ready for a relaxing massage ahead.

Don’t Get a Massage on a Full Stomach

Manipulating muscles and organs are usually experienced during a massage. Getting a massage on a full stomach can be pretty uncomfortable. However, not eating is terrible too. It can cause dizziness after your sessions. 

It would be best to eat something light before a massage. Have a snack handy and ready to refuel your muscles after your sessions. Eating on a full stomach can also cause gas to be released while your muscles are being engaged with pressure. Although it may happen anytime, it can be not very pleasant on your end.

Preparing a massage session is equally crucial as post-massage care. The better preparation you have, the more likely you’ll enjoy your massage and prolong the relaxing experience that you get to enjoy after. 

Take time to ask your massage therapists for tips on further improving and making your massage sessions as relaxing, rejuvenating, and therapeutic for you.


Try the Mobile Kneads Way!

It is normal to have a little sore felt all over your body after a massage. The technique transports blood and nutrients to your muscles while also removing toxins. This is an essential routine that you have to do to live a healthy lifestyle. 

You may experience delayed onset muscle soreness after stimulating muscles that you do not usually use. 

Again, those are normal reactions felt on one’s body, sending signals that a healthy process is going on. As your body heals, this is a physical response to the inflammation.

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