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Deep Tissue Massage: Benefits, Risks, and What To Expect

deep tissue massage

Do you spend nine to eight hours a day at your desk or on your computer at home? How frequently do you stand up and stretch? When was the last time you went to a yoga class or did some at-home stretching? 

Many people may be able to relate to and feel the pain in their joints simply by reading this. But perhaps we misunderstood you because you’re an athlete!

Then yours is different, but the same solution. Deep tissue massage. It is common to hear about people harming themselves, such as tearing their ACL, having tight hips, or stiff shoulders. Do you fit this description? Then it’s time to nurture your body after that!

Massages are fantastic. What’s not to love about aromatherapy, warm lotion, and amusing harp music? 

But what if a simple relaxation massage isn’t enough? Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper. This blog will provide the information you need about deep tissue therapy, its benefits, risks & expectations. Read the entire blog to learn if this type of massage is right for you.

All About Deep Tissue Massage

One kind of great massage is Deep Tissue Massage. But, what is a deep tissue massage? It uses complex, wide pressure. The massage regularly will assist a wide range of people. It is an ideal type of massage for people who do not have any specific pain, discomfort, or injury that requires attention.

It is excellent for persons with general stiffness and tightness symptoms and those who want a massage but prefer firm pressure. 

It should not be uncomfortable to have deep tissue therapy! Therapists will adjust the pressure of a massage to meet the specific demands of each client.

The force used will improve the stretching of the muscular tissues and reduce symptoms of tightness and stiffness. Any excessively harsh massage can increase stress since muscles constrict and shorten in reaction to pain.

Deep tissue therapy focuses on prolonged, relaxing, firm pressure hands-on techniques. It is the total opposite of advanced massage techniques.

What happens to your body after deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massages are beneficial to your physical and emotional wellness. Any massage will provide several advantages to the client. Making it a simple approach to relax while also treating your medical difficulties. Here is the list of the benefits:

  • Relieves Stress

A deep tissue massage is a terrific approach to relaxation. Getting a massage is an excellent method to unplug and unwind for an extended period, whether stressed at home or in the office.

A massage can help lower cortisol levels while raising oxytocin levels. It is a hormone that relaxes the body and provides soothing benefits.

Physical stress symptoms such as tight muscles and shoulders and tension headaches might also benefit. Deep tissue therapy may help your body breathe by addressing these difficulties.

  • Reduce Pain

Deep tissue therapy can assist with various issues. Massage can help with persistent lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, and stiff necks.

Deep tissue therapy can also help relieve muscular tension, common in those suffering from chronic pain, by releasing the tight tissue clusters that produce pain.

In trials, deep tissue therapy is more effective than drugs or other medical therapy in relieving chronic pain, and it is usually less expensive.

  • Lowers Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

By relieving stress and tension, deep tissue reduces blood pressure. Massage helps to lower systolic, diastolic, and arterial blood pressure. Massage can also improve serotonin production, which boosts happy feelings and delight.

  • Breaks Scar Tissue and Helps You Move Easier

People with scar tissue frequently complain of persistent discomfort and stiffness.

Regular deep tissue massages can help break scar tissue by enhancing lymphatic circulation and drainage. It results in increased flexibility and range of motion in the scar tissue region.

Many patients recuperating from surgery are urged to have deep tissue massages to reduce scar tissue.

  • Reduce Arthritis Symptoms

Deep tissue therapy can treat many arthritic symptoms. These include pain, tightness, decreased range of joint motion, and sleep issues.

Moderate pressure can relieve arthritic pain and tension. It makes moving around more manageable for those with the illness. It can also contribute to sleeping problems by lowering the pain that keeps arthritis patients sleeping late.

Risks and What To Expect From a Deep Tissue Therapy

While modest responses to therapy are common, certain more significant and uncommon complications might develop. These are some of the several hazards associated with deep tissue massage.

  • Lingering Pain
  • Muscle Aches or Fatigue
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Fatigue/Sleepiness
  • Inflammation
  • Nausea
  • Redness/Heat on Skin

What To Expect?

Massage therapists may require their customers to lie face-down or face-up on a massage tab. It all depends on the massage room.

They can then start by gently massaging the muscles before stroking the affected region with fast strokes and deep pressure using their hands, arms, or elbows. These massage techniques aid in the relaxation of tight muscles and tissues.

Individuals suffering from significant muscle stiffness or injury need to have a consultation to get the benefits of deep tissue massage. In addition to massage treatment, they may need other therapies such as physical therapy and exercise.

The Best Time To Get a Deep Tissue Therapy

Whether you have regular massages or have never had one, you may be wondering how long you should wait between deep tissue massages. It is determined, among other things. But most significantly, why you are undergoing this therapy.

  • Two Times a Week if You are Undergoing a Recovery From Sports or Other Activities

An extensive exercise can frequently result in muscle or joint damage. Simple errors like not stretching, warming up, cooling down before or after exercise, or doing an exercise regimen wrong, might result in injury. 

Even if measures are taken, vigorous activity puts you in danger of tiny muscle rips and inflammation surrounding the injury. It is advised that you begin your rehabilitation with therapeutic deep tissue massages.

Treatments should be held twice a week for the first four to six weeks. The duration between sessions progressively increases as symptoms improve. A frequent home massage treatment can also assist with chronic back problems and migraines. It will help in reducing muscular tension.

  • Every One to Two Weeks For Stress Relieving

It would be ideal to wait a day to receive a massage, but most individuals cannot use this therapy to relax daily. Receiving this therapy for relaxation and stress alleviation can improve circulation, reduce discomfort, promote flexibility, and loosen muscles. 

As a result, you need to see a therapist as often as possible. Instead of waiting until you are in agony, getting a massage every one to two weeks is ideal. That is, if you want to use this therapy to relieve stress.

  • Once a Month for General Wellness

Are you in excellent shape? Then, to maintain your health and overall well-being, schedule regular deep tissue therapy. 

Nothing beats having a professional massage therapist kneads your body after a long week at work. Invest in your health by having a massage delivered to your home once a month.

First-Timer or Not, Learn Where To Book Your Wellness Massage

Deep tissue massage may be helpful to you if you are an athlete, have arthritis, or are pregnant. Massage may make you feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Experiment with various massage and massage therapists to find the best one for you.

Always communicate your massage therapist’s expectations and goals, and speak out if you’re uncomfortable. 

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